Facility Management Services

Our Facilities & Contracts team has the knowledge and experience to schedule and manage all aspects of building maintenance to the highest standards, with a full knowledge of Health & Safety compliance requirements. 

Our services include:

  • Health & Safety compliance testing and certification
  • Management of waste facilities and waste removal
  • Testing and maintenance of access control (gates, doors etc.), trade access & intercom systems
  • Testing and maintenance of estate and block lighting, windows, water reservoirs and electrical installations
  • Compliance testing of fire alarms and smoke detectors
  • Management of communal electricity and water meters to ensure accurate billing and budget management
  • Maintaining communal information signage, emergency contact information and notices to residents
  • Checking and maintaining all irrigation systems
  • Removing abandoned bikes
  • Maintenance of drains throughout the estate
  • Gritting thoroughfares and car parks, and checking stock levels of grit on site
  • Ensuring that communal walkways are clear of trip hazards
  • Ensuring that all insurance and compliance certificates are up to date and clearly displayed
  • Carrying out detailed and comprehensive Quality Site Audits (monthly/bi-monthly) to ensure insurance requirements are met, and premiums are thus kept as low as possible
  • Testing and maintaining security systems, including CCTV and security beams 
  • Coding and delivering remotes & fobs to residents and contractors


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